Devon's finest quality meat box delivery.

At Woodland View we're a family run business and we care about traditional British farming. We've carefully selected our accredited suppliers and source premium quality meat, which is organically cared for and nurtured in a safe environment. We source from the South West of England and few selected suppliers within the UK.


We like to keep things simple for our busy customers, so we've put together our meat box delivery service of specially chosen varieties and deliver these direct to your door. Whether you are are looking for a more economical and environmental way to feed your family with good quality meat, or you run a local business, we have different options to suit your needs.

Meat boxes delivered to your home

Meat boxes delivered to your home.

Feed your family in an economical and environmentally friendly way.

Meat delivered to your local business

Meat delivered to your local business.

Feed your customers with the best quality meat and keep them coming back for more!

Our mouth-watering favourites

Try our signature handmade free range sausages, which you'll find in the Family Feast for 4 Box and the Student Survival Box.